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11 December 2022

Christmas Gift Ideas for Musicians & Students

Our Christmas gift ideas for musicians list contains a mixture of practical, fun and thoughtful gifts which should bring a smile to the face of the student musician in your life.
11 January 2022

An Introduction to Oboe Reeds

Oboe reeds are different to the reeds you find on other common members of the woodwind family, such as Clarinets & Saxophones.
3 January 2021

Best Clarinet Mouthpieces for Beginners

Choosing the best mouthpiece for your Clarinet can change your playing experience dramatically. As the main point of interaction with the instrument, the mouthpiece plays a major part in how easily you can produce a given tone and the qualities it exhibits.
22 November 2020

Hardware for teaching music online

In this second part of our introduction to teaching music online series, we’re going to cover the hardware for teaching music online and our recommendations. In this post we will focus upon microphones, cameras and tripods.
21 June 2020

An introduction to teaching music online

In this first post of our teaching music online series, we’re going to introduce the key aspects of teaching music online, from the equipment required, to how to prepare for your remote lessons and beyond. We’ve divided the post into five major categories: Software / Platforms, Hardware / Equipment, Lesson Organisation, Administration & Marketing – each of which will be covered with more depth in our forthcoming posts.