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Signing up to our North London Music Teacher list is completely free and will help you connect with students of all ages and backgrounds in the North London area.

Our goal for this Music Teacher list is to maintain an accessible, cleanly presented and helpful list of Music Teachers in the London region. All the key details that students and parents want to see will be readily available, enabling choice and building trust before any contact is made. This is why we request that every teacher provides a profile picture of themselves.

We believe that it should be as easy as possible for students and parents to see the information they require, such as; the cost of tuition, whether the teacher travels and the techniques, genres and specialisations of each teacher.

To sign up to the list, please fill out everything on the form below. We’ll get in touch if we have a question prior to placing your profile online.

We look forward to having you as part of our growing community.


    “A good teacher captivates their students, giving them all of the ingredients to enjoy their learning experience, nurturing their talents every step of the way.”

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • I'm having trouble with the form, can I email you directly?

      Absolutely, you can email us all of your details to (info [at] with the subject ‘music teacher list submission’.

      If there is anything missing, we can get back to you and confirm all the relevant details prior to adding you to the list.

    • Why do you need a picture?

      Our research suggests that you are much more likely to find a student online if you provide a detailed profile of yourself and a key part of that is a picture. By adding a picture to your profile, you build an added layer of trust before the first contact is even made, reassuring the student and parent.

      Profiles with pictures are much more likely to be chosen than those without.

    • Why do you require pricing?

      Our research shows that the most complete online profiles get the most contact from potential students and parents. Having your pricing laid out clearly and concisely is a key part of that.

      With pricing up-front and easily available, students and parents can understand the initial and ongoing costs of music tuition and compare music teachers to find one that fits their needs of cost, teaching style and location.

    • How do you verify our DBS/CRB checks?

      We do not attempt to verify any checks or details provided by Music Teachers at the current time.

      We make this clear to anyone browsing the listings.

      Students and parents should verify the details with the teacher directly.

    • Why aren't there many teachers on your list?

      We’ve just launched our teacher list and we’re doing it from scratch to ensure that we only have currently active teachers who have decided to participate in our community.

    • Is it free to sign up?

      Yes, it is free for all teachers to sign up to the list.

    • Can you help write my profile?

      We currently don’t offer any assistance with profile writing, although we will let you know if any piece of information is missing or not detailed enough.

    • I don't have a picture, can I still be listed?

      We encourage all teachers to send us a profile picture as it increases the effectiveness of their online profile, making it much more likely for students and parents to contact them.

      If you absolutely object to adding a picture to your profile, we can still list you, there will just be a blank avatar image on your profile instead.

      You can always submit a picture later.

    • How long does it take to add my profile?

      We add all profiles as quickly as we can, currently they are added within a few days, but this may change depending on our current workload and how many submissions we are receiving.