Sell your musical instruments to us

Sell your musical instruments to us in the North London area. We buy Clarinets, Flutes, Saxophones & Trumpets. Other woodwind and brass instruments such as Oboes, Bassoons, Cornets & French Horns will be considered depending on the instrument itself.

We take ex-rental, forgotten, gifted and outgrown instruments.

Once a sale is approved, we will book a collection with our courier, all you have to do is package up the instrument safely and we’ll do the rest.

How it works

  • Tell us what you're selling via the contact form below
  • Provide photographs wherever possible
  • We'll contact you with any questions & the price we'd be willing to pay.
  • Arrange a collection or delivery.
  • Payments made once instrument confirmed in appropriate condition.

Why sell to us?

Environmentally friendly

We recondition and re-use all instruments we purchase. Most instruments join our rental instrument fleet, where they will be loved and played by the young musicians of tomorrow.

By providing reconditioned instruments to students, we reduce the environmental impact of cheap mass-produced instruments flooding the market as throw-away items.

Local business

As a local business in North London, we can visit you in person to immediately assess and purchase your instrument. There is no need to pay to ship your instrument to us and no risk of your instrument being rejected after sending.

While not every instrument we appraise is in the required condition for purchase, we pride ourselves in being open and honest about our assessment process and the price we are prepared to pay.

Sell your musical instrument form

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How will the price of my instrument be assessed?

      When assessing an instrument, we will take into account condition (any repair work that needs to be done, and any parts e.g. case, mouthpiece that will need to be replaced)

      We will require detailed pictures to be sent before an in person evaluation can be carried out. 

    • What instruments do you buy?

      We may be interested in purchasing any woodwind or brass instrument, of varying levels from student to advanced. Sell your musical instruments to us by using the form above.

    • How are payments processed for purchased instruments?

      Once a sale has been approved and accepted, and ID information provided from the seller, we will make the payment by online bank transfer.

    • Do you offer collections?

      In some case we offer collections for instrument that have already been appraised remotely, this will taken into account at a cost of £10.

    • How do you verify the legitimacy of the items you buy?

      We require a form of photo Identity (either Passport or Driver’s License) and a proof address before we will purchase any instrument.