Flute Repair Services during Coronavirus Pandemic

During this time of unprecedented impact to our lives, we are all experiencing social distancing and self-isolation transforming the way we live and work.

At London Music Co. we are taking extra precautions when dealing with all instrument repairs undertaken during the crisis. Our collection and delivery services are also still in operation.

For more details on the extra care we are taking during this time, please visit our Corona Virus Service Page.

London Flute Repair Services

Our London Flute Repair Workshop provides a full range of Flute repair services in North London. Our experienced technicians are here to help, whether it is a complete instrument overhaul, replacing a worn pad or making a simple adjustment.

All Flutes are assessed prior to any work taking place. After assessing your instrument, your designated technician will discuss the work to be undertaken with you. Upon agreeing to the formal quotation, work on your instrument will commence on the scheduled day.

As work takes place on your instrument, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. Should additional issues be found, the technician working on your instrument will contact you directly, to first explain the issue and then to discuss the options required to resolve it.

All of our repairs are guaranteed for a period of 3 months from the date of repair.

Services we provide:

  • Pad Replacement
  • Tenon joint/Headjoint fitting
  • Dent Removal
  • Spring Replacement
  • Re-Soldering broken key-work
  • Re-Plating key-work
  • Clean, Oil and Polish
  • Key-Regulating
  • Headjoint Cork Replacement


We assess all Flutes prior to repair. All assessments take place at our North London workshop. We’re happy to discuss any issues you are having with your instrument prior to any assessment taking place and provide relevant advice.


Pricing for all repairs depends on a number of factors judged at the time of assessment. The amount and complexity of work required varies from instrument to instrument. We always provide honest pricing for all of our work in advance of any repair taking place.


Local North London delivery of your repaired instrument is available in the following London boroughs; Haringey, Islington & Barnet.

Please note that this service is in high-demand.


A collection service is available if you are based in North London. This service is offered in the following borough; Haringey, Barnet & Islington.

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Our repair team are available to assess, advise, repair & service all types of Flute.

Flute Servicing

We provide three servicing options for Flutes, Individual Repair, Light Service and a Full Service/Overhaul. Our Service options are designed to bring used instruments back to factory fresh condition, ensuring they sound good and feel great to play.

Individual Repair

If you have a fairly new or recently serviced flute, or perhaps there is just one issue which is preventing the instrument from functioning, we can treat the issue in a “per item” basis, this will bring the instrument back into playing order but will not involve a full strip down and clean.

Light Service

For instruments of moderate age which are played regularly or have had considerable use, and are showing signs of wear. This Service will bring a tired or worn instrument back to top condition.

During the Light Service, our instrument technicians carry out the following; Strip down, clean rod screws, Hinge Tubes, Tone Holes & The Body. Replace pads, corks & springs as necessary. Adjust regulate & oil key work. Option to provide a thorough external clean. Re-fit Tenons and Head Joint.

Full Service

Recommended for older, high-quality instruments which have either not been played for a long time or have been stored in conditions that have caused degradation of the pads.

During the Full Service, our instrument technicians will carry out the following; Strip down & thoroughly clean all parts of the instrument, replace all pads, Re-Fit Tenon joints and headjoint, replace rusted & broken springs, tighten loose key work, adjust regulate and oil. Fit new head cork.

“Every instrument is unique. As instrument repairers, we are tasked with restoring the instrument to its best, without compromising its soul and character.”

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Our London Flute Repair team are available to assess, advise, repair & service all types of Flute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which areas are covered for your Collection & Delivery Service?

    We collect and deliver within the following London Boroughs: (Camden, Haringey, Islington, Barnet, Enfield).

  • How much does your Collection & Delivery Service cost?

    Our Collection & Delivery Service costs £15.

  • Do your Flute repairs come with a guarantee?

    All repairs are covered by a 3 month guarantee from the date of repair. This covers the time in which newly fitted components (pads, springs etc.) take to settle in.

  • How frequently should my Flute be serviced?

    Service intervals vary depending on the quality of your Flute, how well it is looked after and the environment in which it is stored.

    We recommend that a typical Student Flute is checked over every 8-12 months to keep it in optimal working order.

    Flutes of a higher quality can typically have a service interval of 12 months.

  • I need my instrument back for an exam/performance, what is the fastest turnaround?

    We aim to complete all of our Flute repairs to a high standard and in a timely manner. At times of high demand and the nature of most repairs typically needing time to settle, we cannot offer a set timescale for all repairs.

    If we assess the instrument and it can be repaired in time for your performance and we have space in our schedule then we can undertake the work.

    In all cases, we offer a short-term instrument rental service that can be used to cover the period in which your instrument is with us for repairs.

  • Do you charge VAT on repairs?

    We do not currently charge VAT on any of our repairs.

  • How much will my repair cost?

    All of our Flute repairs are priced based on the type of repair, the cost of materials and the cost of labour.

    As each instrument is unique, we do not have a set price list, however, an accurate price for our work is provided in advance of any repair taking place.

  • Do you charge to assess a Flute?

    All assessments carried out at our North London Flute Repair Workshop are free of charge.

    Please contact us if you wish to have your instrument assessed at your location and this can be arranged subject to availability. Assessments of this type are chargeable.

  • How long will my repair take?

    The duration of a repair varies depending on what work is being performed.

    Certain small jobs can be carried out while you wait.

    In many cases, components that are changed or repaired will need a period of at least 24 hours to settle.

    Estimated timescales for all repairs will be provided to you in advance after the instrument has been assessed.

  • What types of Flute do you repair?

    We are currently specialising on Flutes from student level up to intermediate/advanced, to the value of approximately £1,500.

    If your instrument is outside of this range, please contact us directly.