Yamaha 361 Flute for sale

Pre-owned Yamaha 361 Flute for sale.

An ideal step-up flute for the intermediate/advanced player. It has open holed key work, a Solid Silver head joint, and B Foot joint.

This flute is in great condition, recently serviced in our workshop, it does have a small piece of plating wear on the foot joint pictured.

Please see the photos below for the exact condition of the instrument and contact us directly if you have any questions.


Yamaha 361 Flute for sale
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Yamaha 361 Flute For Sale
Yamaha 361 Flute For Sale
Yamaha 361 Flute For Sale
Yamaha 361 Flute For Sale
Yamaha 361 Flute For Sale
Yamaha 361 Flute For Sale

About the Yamaha 361 Flute

The Yamaha YFL-361 Series Flute is ideal for advancing students who aren’t yet ready for a fully professional flute.

The solid silver head joint creates a rich and full tone when compared to a student level flute.

Open holes with plugs allow the player to gradually get comfortable on this more advanced instrument.

A great choice for the middle school band or hobbyist player.

Key Specifications:

  • Sterling Silver CY Headjoint
  • Silver-Plated body and B foot
  • Silver-Plated French Style Keys
  • Stainless Steel Springs

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